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    Ice stone, also called whiskey stone, is a very useful thing for cooling down your alcohol or beverage, especially for the hot liquid. Although it has a small volume and weight, and it seems just nothing at first sight, but when you used it, you’ll feel how amazing it is.SEE MORE

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Whiskey Stone

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          What’s ice stones? What can they do? How can they work? You may find answers for those questions in wiki or google. As you can image, you may find many different answers in details. Or another way, you can just search the word in amazon, or etsy, items under this category would show up, and I’m sure you can get something. In short, ice stones or whiskey stones are some small solid soapstone cubes used to cool down your drinking,but it would not melt as the ice cubes would do. Besides, it has many advantages than some other rocks or cooler. SEE MORE