Hi friends, what do you want to buy for your boyfriend or girlfriend this valentine’s day? Give your loved ones the gift that was made by yourself. A DIY gift is a thoughtful idea that will be cherished by your loved one for many years. Valentine’s day is the perfect opportunity to let your loved one know how much you love him or her. If you are still unsure what to buy, know that you can never go wrong with handmade gifts.

    Beef Jerky Flowers


    Do they like rose and foods? If they like both rose and foods you can surprise your girlfriend with beef jerky flowers. Yes, you hear that right!

    How does the picture look? Delicious or romantic? So, if you were looking for a unique and awesome gift for your girlfriend this Valentine’s day--look no further. Beef jerky flowers will be the best gift for these girls who love romantic and meat. When they receive the special flowers they can put them in the beer glass or a vase. There is no wrong way to display these tasty treats.

    Clothespin Craft idea




    Clothespins are always used for hanging laundry out to dry but nowadays there are more uses for them. They can be used to create adorable crafts and they can be used in other ways. For example, you can use it to show your love to your loved one on valentine’s day. Here, I will share a unique idea clothespin idea with you. Just look at the picture carefully, then you will find it is easy to make a unique gift like this.

    Creative memory box



   Memory boxes are the best way to collect all these little tokens, pictures and treasures you want to keep to remember your loved one. You can spend several hours or even several days just browsing memory box online and buy them for your loved one. I think it is better to create your own memory box to your dearly beloved, especially on Valentine’s day. Celebrate this Valentine’s day with photos in this sweetly arranged photo memory box. You need a small keepsake box, small print of your favorite photos and cardstock.

    DIY mosaic Gift Wrapping



    The Valentine’s day is just around the corner. You should be prepared for some creative gift wrapping ideas to make the outside of your gifts as unique as the inside. Look at the picture. It is so easy to make CD like this and it looks fancy. Use old CD to create cool and awesome gift wrapping that will give a magical and fantasy look to your loved one.

    There is no better way to show your love and appreciation to your loved one with these handmade gifts. Each and every one of these gifts is as unique and individual as you want them to be with your own creation. I am sure they will love these meaningful and unique gifts.