If you need a good laugh or a smile, this blog will make you laugh out for days. I hope you like these pictures and have a nice day!

1.How to Lose Your Kids’ Trust in Three Easy Steps.

picture 1

You will always get laugh at this type of treachery and deceit.

2.He Uses WiFi

picture 2

 "WiFi" has become the synonym of "wireless" in some informal contexts!!

 Birds are starting to use wireless technology!!  

3.Safety First

picture 3

4.Who Did My Hair?

picture 4

Mom did my hair, Dad did my hair, Granny did my hair, Uncle did my hair

5.You've Been Poisoned Coffee Mug.

personalized coffee mug

You'll find nothing more disheartening than downing a tasty drink quickly only to find that you've been poisoned. Scare the hell out of your guests with these terrifying “You Have Just Been Poisoned” mugs. Perfect for serving drinks to people you secretly hate, or for just playing pranks on friends, the “You Have Just Been Poisoned” mug have a variety of evil applications.It's sad really. At least with this era, we generally don't need to worry about being poisoned. Generally. And we can joke about it.

What's that? You want more pictures?!


6.Money Tree Seeds

Personalized tree seeds

Plant these seeds and you will reap lots of money!!!

7.Diy Picture Bookmarks

personalized bookmarks

You can make these DIY gifts for your father on Father’s day. I am sure he will love it very much!



9.The Perfect Wine Glass

personalized glass

10.Big Brothers


You need to find things to make you laugh and smile every day! I suppose there are lots of different kinds of things that make you laugh: something stupid, something silly or jokes, and sometimes just ridiculous things that happened in everyday life.

Do you like making other people laugh? Why or why not?