The wedding day is one of the most memorable time in one’s life. We want to make sure everything is perfect and we also want everyone to be amazed so we focus on the smallest of details of our wedding. We often give little attention to bridesmaids wedding photos and there are no special photos of your bridesmaids in your album. However, your photos and your bridesmaids will absolutely be some of your most treasured from the day. Therefore, You should take advantage of having all your girls around you and create some fun and creative photo opportunities that you’ll cherish forever. 

Here, we bring you some wedding photo ideas featuring beautiful bridesmaids to inspire you. 

Perfect Props

bridesmaid props

With photo booths becoming more and more popular at the wedding party, brides know the importance of funny props. This part will give you ideas of some of the more highly used props in the wedding photos with bridesmaids and help you wow your guests. For a travel theme celebration, the cool old suitcase will be a good choice. Mustaches, bridal balloon, glasses, hats, and wigs make for hilarious photo opportunities with all your bridesmaids. Another photobooths inspired is the chalkboard. Ask your bridesmaids to write funny messages on it for the photo. It will look amazing once your photographer sends the images through.

Having Some Champagne

having some champagne

This photo seems more traditional to have a photo of the bride and her girls enjoying a tipple in the bar. But, we love to see brides and their girls partaking in a little Dutch courage. A special day or night out with the bridesmaids is a great opportunity to capture fun side of the party. Uncorking the champagne is also a great photo-opp. This photo brings a whole new meaning to the term "group shot"! Capturing the group drink up is a can't miss wedding album must-have.


Hiding Behind the Flowers

Hiding behind the flowers

Another creative and popular wedding photo idea is hiding behind the bridal bouquets. There are much attentions and thoughts the focus on bridal dresses, but theyre often overshadowed by those who wear them. It is a fun way to cover face with beautiful bridal bouquets. It will make sure the gowns get the attention they deserve.


Jumping on the Bed for Joy

Jumping on the bed for joy

Fun shots of the bride and bridesmaids jumping up and down on the bed capture all of the fun moments that the group represents.

Give a Kiss

give a kiss

This is a cute photo. This is an opportunity that bridesmaids of all age cat get involved in. The picture with the entire wedding party needs to be a little more creative. You should remember to stick to the air kisses, or youre likely to end up with lipstick smudges all over your cheeks before the wedding ceremony. 


Other Creative Photos

creative photos

creative bridesmaids photos

Just feel free to take advantage of all your wedding magazines. Look at the pictures and imagine your wedding party photos in those poses to decide the basic feel for you want. Your photos can be creative as you want. You can also share your favorite photos with your photographer.