1.Personalized YETI cup

  Personalized gift, as its literal meaning shows, a gift with some personal element. In the cold winter, a cup of hot coffee or any other beverage can always warm us from body to heart. Our YETI mugs use the special materials to keep heat for several hours. That specialty makes it a great companion for outdoor activities. The other thing need to be mentioned is that we use the laser engraving technology to engrave a name or initials on its surface, so it can’t be rubbed off or wear off with frequently use. There’re several different font and style for you to choose. All YETI cups are in a reasonable price and engravings are TOTALLY FREE.

personalized yeti cup with engraving


2.Custom cutting board

  Cutting board is not only a useful tool in the kitchen, but also an exquisite decoration in the house, especially the vintage styled one with some meaningful patterns on it. We choose high-quality black walnut as materials and make it into different sizes. Our engraving technical makes it come true for a vivid pattern to show up and last forever. We accept custom orders, so you can have your own ideas for it, a rough draft, some specific ideas or thinking, anything would be OK, we can discuss it together and then I’ll show you the proof. NO EXTRA CHARGE OR REQUIREMENT, a clear statement about the time when you need it would be much appreciated.


 3. Handmade watch box

  Too much mechanized goods always give people a sense of coldness and insensibility, while a handmade item always makes people feel more emotional and energy-involved. The wood watch box connects both elegance and practicability. On the one hand, it can store some life accessories, like watch and buttons. On the other hand, it can be an excellent decoration on your desk, no matter aside the bed or somewhere else. Its vintage design and style always the focus for eyes.


4.Creative photo puzzle

  Creative ideas are always great choices for gifting. The point lies in creative, that means try to create something new and imaginary. Our photo puzzle’s made from the photo or picture  you may provide, and the specialty is it’s really the unique one in the world. Think about that, people may have same name and same taste in the choice of a design or font, but the photo can never repeated. When a photo is broken into pieces, every time you put them together, you’ll recall the happy moment in life. This game is suitable for any age in life, from a little kid to an elder man.


5.Designable picture frame

  Taking photos has been a common habit to record happy moments, and sometimes maybe some memorable event in life. So choose a well-designed picture frame for Christmas gift can never be wrong. Only remember to add some small tips to make it special. In this aspect, we have various options for the design and personalization. You can add whether a name or a meaningful sentence. I’m sure the recipient would love it.


 6.Various Christmas stocking

  Referring to Christmas, Christmas stocking is the most common thing to appear in mind, and indeed, it’s the most common thing for the holiday. Lots of people have choose this category to start the business, and someone really did a great job. We compare different materials and sorts for designing, and finally get those stockings in our site. They use the high-quality velvet as materials, and bear some changes under the traditional designs. In each stocking, we use the technology of printing, knitting and embroidering to enable name or monograms to fit in. 


  All the 6 gifts here are what I thought the best Christmas gifts in 2017, I recommend them because they’re real great stuffs, each of them has its advantages and specialty, and the same point is they’re inexpensive. So if you have a tight budget or have a lot of recipients to give gifts for, those options are all great sale for you. Hope you can get the one you need.