Christmas is on the way, and I‘m sure you’ve get a long list for it. I guess the list must include the person you need to send gift for and the gifts you’ll prepare for each single one. Sometimes, your dish ingredient are also involved. Christmas stuffs vary in all categories and in different people and family, but there’re 5 stuffs that are necessary for all people.

1.Christmas tree

Christmas tree is the most important thing for the Christmas decoration, and also a distinguished symbol for the memorable event. It’s the most enjoying and happiest moment when all family get together, decorate Christmas tree, and sit around it to chat. As for the Christmas tree, there’re much more choices for you both online or at offline stores. Some tend to artificial one, while others may turn to a real one, like potted or wall mounted. The real one may give more emotional feelings, but it doesn’t mean the artificial one is not good. They have their own advantages, and the decision by you would be determined by your own fondness. Just make sure that it’s strong enough to hold the ornaments, and can always keep the standing posture at right place in the whole holiday.

christmas tree


2.Christmas stocking

Christmas stockings are most common stuffs for the holiday, and without it hanging on the fireplace, everyone would feel something weird. As you can check in different sites and other channels, they vary in different materials, but the general designs look alike. Kids are in obsessed in finding the hidden things inside stocking, while adults enjoy more about the happiness of reunion. In our site, we choose several perfect designs, and embroider each stocking with an exact name. Font and quantity are all optional. The important thing is that they’re CHEAP, all are in an affordable price, you don’t need to worry about the budget.

Christmas stocking


3.Christmas cards

Christmas cards are necessary because they’re the carrier of your blessing and best wishes for others in the coming new year. It maybe the only time in a year for your friends and family to get news from you. So it’s special, and it needs some attention and creative thoughts. There’re various cards for you to choose, and I think if you want it different, a personalized Christmas cards would be a great choice. You can pick up a family photo and add your own blessing and information to ask someone to hand-made them for you. If they’re in a high-quality, it’s possible to be display in an album and for your friends to cherish a lifelong time. They’ll always feel happiness because this little card from you and remember this memory.

Christmas cards

4.Christmas ornaments

The decorations for the Christmas tree is always a big event in holiday, and it can gather all your family’s imagination and endeavor together. But if it’s always the same from year to year, it may become some kind of boring. This year, try to make some changes to it. Besides baubles, balls, gingerbread, gems those little things, I recommend you to add those engraved resin ornament, as you can see, because the engraving they bear, they’re not only a small decoration, but also a meaningful thing. 

Christmas ornaments


5.Cookie cutter

The dishes with whole family always the most delicious in life, and that moment with so much happiness can be a permanent memory. Cookies are always the unforgotten part, especially for kids. They always have curiosity in everything, and be fond of create new things, so they’ll never miss the enjoyment of making cookies. Choose some designable cutters, and have the enjoyment of making cookies with your little angels. Trust me, those little thing can bring more happiness and surprise than you can image.

cookie cutters


Christmas is the most hopeful but busiest holiday, and it’s time to start the preparation for it. Make sure that you’ve done enough for those simple stuffs. They’re necessary, and creative thoughts or movement always make great change. Hope you a happy Christmas !